May 8, 2019

Using Secret Sharing for National Archives

Topic: preservation

Reading about the National Archives budget woes: perhaps as digital material is becoming more prevalent, the volumes of paper documents isn't growing?

What are the unique requirements of the National Archives for online storage of digital material?
Unlike most business archives, the lifetime of archived documents is measured in centuries.
The security of archives from both accidental and intentional loss is for that lifetime; unauthorized revelation most be prevented for at least decades.

For public records, LOCKSS (Lots of Copies Keeps Stuff Safe) might be a solution.  Distribute copies to each state or region.

But for confidential records, the more copies, the more likely it is the information will be revealed.

But there is an approach worth investigating, using Secret Sharing where each State could maintain a separate secure facility under its own control.

This would allow some resilience to meddling, take-down, or premature release of information unless a large number of states agree.

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