May 20, 2012

Are homepages on the way out?

Is the idea of a home page on the way out?  I've had a "home page" since at least 1996. But I'm wondering if it is declining. What with things like Facebook and LinkedIn and so on, there are too many places to look for "identity".  But it's really just a social convention, that people and organizations might have a "home page" which is them, which you might sign an email with. 
When I sign my email I use alone. Why include  a larger signature block when I can sum it all up in one URL? But I'm doing it less and less. People can find me, just do search.
But I wonder -- is the notion of a "home page" underlying the semantic web's use of a URL to stand for some thing, person or group in the real world?

For example, you might say that there was a link, for a URL U and a thing X between:
*  how good the page at the U serves a "home page" for X
* how appropriate U is as a URI for the concept X in RDF
 (I talked about this on Google+, but blog is better)