March 15, 2018

Tired, Retired, Disabled? "Not Working Any More" ?

It's been six weeks since my surgery, and I've been "programmed" now four times; my neurologist tries to balance the signals to affect tremor, walking and other symptoms.The results are pretty amazing, compared to how I was last year. The many awful symptoms are greatly reduced and infrequent. So I'm really pleased. And I'm sure it will get even better.

BUT ... I still have Parkinson's; DBS isn't a cure. It gets in the way often enough, I'm not planning on going back to work. I'm officially on a medical leave of absence from Adobe; it seems pretty unlikely I'll go back, at least to the job I had before. There was already a big mismatch between what I think was wanted and what I was able to do. I'm uneasy saying I'm "disabled" but I meet the criteria for a disability claim.

So I think I want to travel,  and visit spas and sights, and friends around the world. Where should we go? IETF meetings? Conferences? Maybe.  If you're in the SF Bay Area, let's have lunch. Write me.


  1. Hey Larry.
    You have always been good at your job. But I think your choice to travel is the right call.

  2. Great to see you at lunch today, and see you in good spirits. Looking forward to more time with my cousin.

  3. Hey Larry, if you like spas and travel to Montreal is a fantastic one! And we have a number of great ones in Switzerland as well, feel free to ask if you travel here!

  4. Hello Larry,
    I am sure you will also discover that there is Life beyond technology and you will enjoy the new adventures. Check out the SPAs in Transcarpathia , Ukraine. They have several 4 star facilities and the prices are very low. Let me know if you need some tips about it since I am originally from that area.

    Nelli K.